March 16, 2012

An apple a day

elbe has given a little donation to Unicef and received an image of this little fella by illustrator Chris Haughton. It’s one of many lovely apples that can be “watered” (with a small donation) on the site to help raise funds for Unicef’s famine relief in East Africa. The 50/50 project (initiated by Good for Nothing and Made by Many) asked 50 creative/design/digital makers to contribute a project to help to make a dent in the huge funding gap.


This particular idea was set up by Dublin based agency Aad & Bluntworks. They have written an article about the context and process of building the site on their website (here). It gives a bit more insight into the ideas behind the project.


Particularly like it, as it engages (lots of lovely illustrations makes choosing very hard) but also gives something back as you are getting a highres illustration of the apple you just watered.


There are more projects to back here.